Cost of Hair Transplantation in Turkey: Factors and Variables

One of the most significant issues that affect your self-esteem and sense of satisfaction with your appearance is hair loss. However, hair transplantation is one of the unique solutions that can provide you with thick and healthy hair, but the cost remains one of the most significant barriers that many faces, as the costs of surgeries rise. Hair transplantation is common in many countries. If you are considering getting a hair transplant, this article will discuss the cost of hair transplantation in Turkey and other regions, as well as some general information about some of the hair transplant techniques.

What exactly is the procedure for hair transplantation?

What exactly is the procedure for hair transplantation?

It is a procedure in which hair follicles are transferred from one area of the body to another, usually the back of the head, which contains a dense amount of hair and is known as the donor area, to the areas to be transplanted, which do not contain hair or suffer from severe hair loss and are known as the receiving area.

Several techniques are used in hair transplantation, depending on the basis of each case and the required procedures determined by the specialist doctor, and among the techniques used in hair transplantation are:

FUE technique

It is the process of picking natural hair follicles and then planting them in receiving areas. This operation is characterized by the absence of the need for an incision or surgery in the head

DHI hair transplantation (Choi pens)

One of the latest techniques used for hair transplantation, this technique opens channels in the scalp and then transplants hair follicles to the desired place using Choi pens, which is a pen-shaped tool that holds a hollow needle on one end of it.

Sapphire Pen technique

It is a very precise technique and is done using fine-headed needles that are produced from precious sapphire metal. Sapphire’s device contributes to the opening of the channels of agriculture more precisely, which contributes to the rapid recovery of the region and the avoidance of the occurrence of infections.

Afro technique

It is the process of hair transplantation for people with brown skin who have curly hair or the so-called African hair. This technique is considered the most complex in hair transplantation, due to the nature and density of the hair.

The transplant process is not limited only to the hair of the head as it is possible to transplant the hair of the beard and mustache as well.

Hair transplant cost in Turkey

Hair transplant cost in Turkey

Turkey is known as the world’s hair transplantation capital for a variety of reasons, including the competence of doctors and the modern equipment used in hair transplantation centers, as well as the low cost compared to other countries.

Reasons Why the cost of hair transplantation is low in Turkey:

  • Turkey’s support for local industries resulted in a reduction in imports, eliminating the need to add shipping costs and customs fees to the tools and materials used in hair transplantation.
  • Low labor and living costs in general when compared to other countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom.
  • The Turkish economy and its interactions with the Turkish lira as its primary currency.
  • The average cost of hair transplantation in Turkey ranges between 1000 and 7000 dollars, whereas the same operation with the same results may cost between 10,000 and 15,000 dollars in other countries such as America and Britain.

This why a large number of people around the world choose Turkey as their destination when considering Hair Transplant operations.

Some of the reasons for the low cost of hair transplants in Turkey are:

  • The technique used in hair transplantation, whether it is the Sapphire technique, FUE, or Choi pens.
  • The number of transplant follicles: The average number of grafts used in the session is approximately 4000 follicles, their cost may reach $2200, which means that the cost of transplanting one follicle is $0.55.
  • The duration of the operation: in some operations, it may reach more than 8 hours.
  • Doctor’s experience, and the level of the medical center in terms of location, equipment used, and the efficiency of the medical staff.
  • Complementary services such as hotel reservations and transportation

All of these factors affect the determination of the exact cost of hair transplantation, so before agreeing to the procedure, you must ask about all the details to be fully aware of what will happen later.

This is what differentiates hair transplantation in specialized Turkish centers, as it provides integrated services to its patients in the form of a package that includes medicines, hotel reservations, and secured transportation from the airport to the hotel and the center, in addition to the presence of an interpreter to accompany patients of all nationalities, and all costs are clear from the start, and this gives a sense of safety and reassurance for those who are considering the procedure.

However, if you prefer to have a hair transplant in an Arab country, Saudi Arabia and Dubai are two of the best options.

Hair Transplant Cost in Saudi Arabia

Despite the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to bring the latest technologies used in hair transplantation and treatment, the cost is an obstacle to making it an approved destination for this process. We can say that the average cost of hair transplantation in Saudi Arabia is higher than the cost of the same operation in Turkey, where the transplantation process costs between 5,000 and 8,000 dollars.

And as we mentioned earlier, the cost of this operation changes more or less by several factors. In addition to the previously mentioned factors, the cost of hair transplantation for women differs from the cost of hair transplantation for men, and also the city in which the center is located is a factor in the cost difference.

Most of those who do hair transplants in Saudi Arabia are residents of the country or who want to visit the holy sites there.

In addition to the high cost of transplanting, the high temperatures in Saudi Arabia also play an important role in the lack of delegations for those who wish to transplant hair there. Even the residents there may prefer to go to another place such as Turkey, because high temperatures may lead to the failure of the operation or the occurrence of infections and itching in the head.

But if you want to transplant your hair and visit the most developed cities in the world and do a lot of interesting activities, then you should head to Dubai.

Hair transplant cost in Dubai

Even though Dubai is a charming city, its reputation has grown in recent years as a place where the best experiences and the latest technologies collide, it cannot compete with Turkey as the world’s capital of hair transplantation for a variety of reasons, including the high cost of hair transplantation, which ranges between $10,000 and $15,000.

As with all centers around the world, the cost is determined by the number of grafts and their cost. In Dubai, the cost of planting a single graft or follicle ranges between $2 and $5, and in some A-Class centers, the cost can reach $7, which is extremely high. Despite being less expensive than in Turkey, many people travel there for hair transplantation, particularly those who can afford it.

This explains why Turkey is your best option for a hair transplant, and not just for the low cost, but also for a variety of other reasons, including the competence of doctors and the experience of specialists. Estapol Hair Center is ready to serve you if you want to perform a hair transplant in Turkey, as you will find everything you need and more here.

We are ready to answer all your inquiries in addition to providing a free consultation with specialized doctors. All you have to do is to book an appointment for a consultation. We are waiting for you.



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