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Hair Loss Laser Treatment

Increase your hair strength and density with laser hair loss treatment.

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Laser hair loss treatment

Many people suffer from hair loss problems due to genetic reasons, hormonal changes, stress, and the use of chemical care products.
Laser hair loss treatment is one of the ways doctors and patients resort to promote hair growth and stimulate the follicles to reproduce hair.
EstePol Hair Center helps you strengthen hair follicles through the technology of laser hair loss treatment.

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How Does Laser Hair Regrowth Treatment Work?

The laser beams penetrate into scalp tissues. These beams are absorbed by weak cells to accelerate blood circulation and encourage hair growth.

The treatment strengthens the existing hair and helps the growth of healthy new hair so that the existing hair becomes thicker. The treatment protocol is applied twice a week for 20 minutes. During this treatment, the serum is given with fine needles.

EstePol Hair clinic

Laser hair loss treatment
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EstePol Hair clinic

Benefits of
laser hair treatment

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EstePol Hair clinic

Laser hair loss treatment cases

Postpartum hair loss

After the birth of the baby, the hair begins to fall excessively due to hormonal changes in the body. Therefore, women need to promote hair growth. At EstePol Hair, we offer you the best treatment for hair loss due to childbirth.

Hair loss caused by thyroid disorder

The thyroid gland is responsible for feeding the follicles and scalp. Malfunction in the functioning of the gland may occur when taking certain medications and that may lead to hair loss. At EstePol Hair we offer the best laser hair loss treatment solutions.

Alopecia areata

Alopecia is an immune disease that causes hair loss in one area or multiple areas of the scalp. We are at EstePol Hair offer you the latest technology in laser hair loss treatment.

Laser hair loss treatment for women

Women resort to hair loss treatment as an initial solution before hair transplantation. Laser hair loss treatment is one of the latest hair loss techniques. The primary goal is to activate the structure that can be strengthened, and stop hair loss, to make the hair brighter, shinier and healthier.

EstePol is the best laser hair loss treatment center

EstePol Center has a medical staff specializing in hair transplantation in Turkey. in addition, we have the latest hair transplantation techniques and laser hair loss treatment.
Enjoy the look of natural hair and get the perfect hair density with EstePol Hair clinic now

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