Why to choose EstePol Hair Clinic?

Continuous Follow-Up

We take care of you from the moment you arrive in Istanbul until you leave. Our team will meet you at the airport and transfer you with the latest modern cars.

Reasonable Costs

EstePol Hair offers medical services with ideal prices that suit all individuals and without Advance payments while booking.

Professional Team

A team of hair transplant specialists with many years of experience will ensure you 100% satisfactory results.

Free Consultation

We offer you a free consultation and detailed information about your case after evaluating your hair pictures by the specialist doctor.

Awards Winning Center

EstePol Hair Clinic has been named the best hair transplant center for three years in Turkey, in addition to many international and local awards.

Hair Transplantation Services

Hair transplant for ladies

Hair transplantation for ladies in EstePol Hair clinic is done without shaving the head or leaving scars and traces, by using the FUE technique Under the supervision of the best specialists in hair transplantation. The process is painless and lasts 6-8 hours, with a free plasma session. The result begins to appear after 3-6 months.

Hair transplant for african hair

Curly hair transplantation “Afro hair” is done by combining the DHI and FUE techniques. The operation needs local anesthesia, which means it is a painless process. The duration of the operation is 6-8 hours, and the operation does not cause any traces or wounds.

Hair transplant for men

Hair transplantation for men is performed by using DHI and FUE techniques with local anesthesia. The operation is done by the best experts to obtain a natural look. The duration of the operation is 4-8 hours, and the hair begins to grow after 8-12 months. You will also get a free plasma session. The surgery is painless, but you will need Painkillers after it.

Beard and mustache hair transplant

The process of beard and mustache hair transplantation is a delicate process, so you need pens with fine needles, such as the Sapphire pens technique, the process takes 8 hours with local anesthesia, some complications may occur such as swelling and redness, but it does not cause any effects, hair begins to grow two weeks after the operation.

EstePol Hair Integrated Services

We offer you a full range of integrated services for a joyful and comfortable medical trip in Istanbul.

EstePol offers integrated transportation airport - hotel - clinic

Reservations at Istanbul’s most luxurious hotels, downtown close to public transport

Our team talks in different international languages ​​to answer your questions

What do our customers say about us?

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