7 tips for choosing the best hair transplant doctor

Hair transplantation is one of the most popular surgeries, especially since the development of modern hair transplantation techniques, but some people are at a loss when it comes to choosing due to a large number of medical centers and intense competition among doctors working in this field, so you are undoubtedly looking for the best doctor for this task, as well as the qualities that will ensure the success of the operation and obtain satisfactory results.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of the most important criteria for selecting a hair transplant doctor, as well as the risks of performing a hair transplant with an amateur doctor who is not a specialist, and we will mention the seven most important tips for you when choosing a hair transplant doctor.

Why is choosing a professional hair transplant doctor necessary?

If you do not know what are the steps of a hair transplant and what are the different techniques that are used and how to apply them, then you most likely will not feel the importance of choosing the best doctor.

During the hair transplantation process, the doctor removes the hair follicles from an area in the body that contains a dense amount of hair and is called the donor area.

Techniques used in hair transplantation

FUE technique:

Natural hair follicles are picked and then transplanted into empty areas. This operation is characterized by the absence of the need to make an incision or surgery on the head.

DHI hair transplantation (Choi pens)

The most advanced hair transplant technique in Turkey is based on opening channels in the scalp and then transplanting hair follicles to the desired place using Choi pens, which is a pen-shaped device that holds a hollow needle on one end.

Sapphire Pen Technology

It is made using fine-tip needles that are produced from the precious sapphire mineral. This tool contributes to opening the farming channels more precisely, which led to the rapid recovery of the region.

Afro technique 

This technique is considered the most complex among hair transplant operations. It is intended for people with dark skin who have curly hair or the so-called African hair.

Hair transplantation is one of the most dangerous cosmetic procedures because it requires precision and craftsmanship it relies on picking the hair follicles one by one and planting them in another place, but with a focus on the direction of natural hair growth, because if the follicles are implanted incorrectly and in unstudied directions, the hair will appear in an unnatural way, and regret will not work.

Furthermore, some hair transplant procedures can take up to 8 hours, requiring the doctor to maintain a high level of accuracy and attention throughout the procedure.

Risks of Hair Transplant at a Non-Specialist Doctor

  1.  Randomly picking hair follicles from the donor area
  2. Unorganized implantation of follicles, which leads to the appearance of spaces between the strands of transplanted hair
  3. Inaccuracy in determining the direction of hair transplantation and thus the hair grows in an untidy way and will not look beautiful or natural.

The main key to the success of any operation, whatever it may be, is choosing a highly skilled specialist doctor.  Unfortunately, this task is not easy as you think, especially nowadays, when anyone can become a specialist in some fields without first obtaining a medical education.  Here are the best tips when choosing a hair transplant doctor that you should follow to get perfect results.

How to choose the best doctor for hair transplantation?

  1. Checking the doctor’s CV: You should know the scientific certificates he obtained, the specialized courses he took, and the centers he worked for. You should search for all this through reliable sources.
  2. Years of work or the so-called experience. The more years of work, the more experience, and skill the doctor has in performing hair transplant operations. In addition to Knowing the number of hair transplant operations that he has done: This step is very important to determine the extent of the doctor’s experience and his ability to perform the operations and the techniques he uses.
  3. Should be affiliated with well-known hair transplant associations and organizations, preferably to be international, where experiences and information are transmitted and keep abreast of the latest technologies and devices used in hair transplantation.
  4. Patient’s recommendations or the so-called feedback: recommendations of previous clients After performing the hair transplant will give you a clear idea of the doctor’s experience and professionalism.
  5. The results are the best proof of the doctor’s work so you can see the file of the doctor’s operations from photos and videos of former patients and the results they reached after the hair transplant.
  6. Doctor’s support team: Ensure that your doctor’s team is specialized and supportive; even if the doctor is international, the support staff may have an impact on you.
  7. The doctor must have a good reputation among his previous clients in terms of the quality of the operation and post-procedure follow-up. 

Before agreeing with the hair transplant doctor to operate, you must ask several questions to confirm his experience, which are:

  • Hair transplant techniques that he uses, how he performs them, and what technique suits your condition.
  • The number of operations that he performs per day because, as we mentioned earlier, the hair transplant operation takes a very long time. To ensure the best performance of the doctor, the number of operations per day must not exceed two.
  • The history of the doctor and the centers in which he worked and evaluated in addition to pictures of the cases he worked with before and after the hair transplant.
  • Also, in the pre-operative stage, the doctor must ask the patients for a thorough examination of the scalp, provide integrated information about the treatment plan, follow-up, and hair transplantation, and thoroughly analyze the donor area.

And here is another piece of advice that you should consider when choosing a hair transplant doctor: the cost. You should know the cost of a hair transplant procedure because it may be expensive and you cannot afford it, and a doctor with a high cost is not always the best and most professional, where you can perform a hair transplant in Turkey, which is much cheaper than a European country.

The best hair transplantation center qualifications:

Hair transplant center

To achieve the desired results, you must pay attention to several factors such as the addition of the center and its equipment, as well as the use of modern technology and tools, and choose a center that specializes in hair transplantation only, rather than a general one.

It is also important to consider customer reviews, whether the center’s location is appropriate, and whether the tools are old. Finally, ensure that the center is certified and trusted by the Ministry of Health. You must visit the center before the operation date to ensure that

When you search in the lists of the best hair transplant doctors around the world, the doctors in Turkey will appear at the top of the search lists, they have become famous around the world for their efficiency and the long experience they gained over several years of performing hair transplant operations, and that is why many people around the world go to them.

At EstePol Hair Center you can find a team of specialist doctors in hair transplantation, thanks to whom the center won the award for the best hair transplant center in Istanbul three years. 

Request a free consultation provided by EstePol Hair Center to answer all your inquiries.



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