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DHI Hair Transplant

The latest hair transplant method in Turkey through Choi pens.

DHI hair transplantation:

The DHI method for hair transplantation is the advanced version of the FUE technique, in which a very small slice of hair follicle is separated by a specific device called a Choi pen from a hair donor area and implanted directly in the receiving area.

Enjoy thicker hair in the fastest time and less complications with the latest hair transplant method in Turkey.

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EstePol Hair clinic

DHI hair transplantation
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EstePol Hair clinic

DHI method for thick and healthy hair

DHI hair transplantation is called direct hair transplantation, as it is done by opening the channels using thin needles without causing an incision or scar during the procedure. DHI is the latest hair transplant method used to combat hereditary baldness and retraction of hair lines. The recovery period in the DHI method is short between 6-8 days.

What should you do before hair transplantation with DHI?

  • Do not take vitamins and supplements for two weeks before hair transplantation.
  • Quit smoking for at least two weeks before hair transplantation.
  • Consult your doctor about taking your potential medications in the days before transplantation.
  • Avoid sports and heavy activities for a week before transplanting.
  • Wear a shirt with buttons so that it doesn’t touch your head when you change after hair transplantation.

EstePol Hair clinic

Advantages of
DHI hair transplant method

After the hair transplant operation

Avoid getting water in the hair for 2-3 days after the procedure, and you should stay away from cutting hair for about a month, and stay away from very hot environments such as saunas, steam baths and swimming pools.

At EstePol, we offer you special recommendations from doctors according to your condition to avoid any complications and obtain satisfactory results.

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