Causes of Hair Transplant Failure and How to Avoid them

In recent years, hair transplantation operations in Turkey have spread widely as an ideal and guaranteed way to solve the problems of hair loss and baldness, in addition to its quick and impressive results, as it gives the person the appearance of 100% natural hair if the operation is successful, but can the hair transplant fail?

You may become frustrated and anxious when you learn that the hair transplantation process may fail, despite the centers’ efforts to constantly develop cosmetic operations using the latest technologies and provide the latest devices, but in general, some failures may occur, although the failure of the hair transplantation process in Turkey is uncommon. It is possible,  but only in a small percentage of cases.

So today we will discuss the most common reasons for hair transplant failure in Turkey and how to avoid them, as well as some instructions and advice after the hair transplant procedure to ensure that you get satisfying results.

Most common reasons for hair transplant failure

Most common reasons for hair transplant failure

Before performing a hair transplant, you must ensure that there are no factors that could cause the transplant to fail. In fact, the majority of the reasons for the operation’s failure are related to a lack of readiness and proper preparation, such as:

The age of the patient is insufficient.

One of the primary reasons for the failure of the hair transplantation process, despite the appearance of bald spots in various locations on the head, is that the age of the person undergoing the operation is insufficient and does not correspond to the possibility of allowing this type of operation.

Many doctors who are experts in hair transplantation believe that the most appropriate age is over twenty years when hormones stabilize and the success rate of the operation is high and certain, but if the person undergoing the operation is young, it is very likely that no satisfactory results will be obtained.

Inappropriately selecting target areas

The success of the hair transplantation or extraction process is heavily dependent on the donor area, and in order to extract an appropriate number of hair follicles, the area must be dense with hair, and the patient must also ensure that the doctor monitors and knows what the donor area is before performing the operation, which is often the back of the head or chest.

Non – compliance with sterilization and hygiene requirements

One of the primary reasons for hair transplantation failure is a lack of cleanliness in any matter related to the operation, where attention must be paid to the cleanliness of the place, i.e. the operation room, sterilizing it thoroughly, as well as sterilizing the tools to ensure that the follicles are planted in appropriate conditions.

And, if you have any doubts about the cleanliness of the facility, do not operate, as it may result in complications or infection, God forbid.

The doctor’s and the center’s lack of experience

There are many hair transplant centers in Turkey, and not all of them have the same level of experience, so you must know the experience of the doctor who will perform the operation, review the testimonies of previous clients to the doctor on social media, and know the extent of the center’s readiness from the equipment used and cleanliness, and ensure that the center is licensed and approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Inability to draw a hairline

Inability to draw a hairline

The hair drawing stage is one of the most important stages of hair transplantation because it gives the appearance of natural hair and allows hair to grow in the correct direction. If this fails, your hair will grow at random, giving you an unflattering appearance.

Inappropriate use of technology

Make sure that if you use a hair transplant technique that is not appropriate for your condition, the process will fail severely, which is due to the doctor’s and the center’s experience, as the doctor must follow a technique that is appropriate for your condition, can this happen? Yes, absolutely.

Some centers seek to save money in any way possible, and as a result, they may perform a technique that does not suit you simply because it is inexpensive. Consult with more than one center to determine the best technique for you.

Failure to follow instructions and advice

Even if all of the reasons mentioned and previous fears have been overcome and faced properly, the person undergoing a hair transplant may cause it to fail if the doctor’s instructions, medications, and required procedures are not followed.

Advice on how to avoid hair transplant failure

To avoid hair transplant failure, you must follow the following instructions:

  • Choose a center and an experienced doctor, and ensure that the center’s equipment and medical staff are efficient.
  • Before and after the procedure, strictly adhere to the doctor’s instructions.
  • Avoid infection by keeping the transplanted area clean.

After-Hair-Transplantation Contraindications

Following a hair transplant, there are a few things you should avoid to ensure the operation’s success, the most important of which are:

  • Not engaging in strenuous exercise

Carrying weights or doing strenuous exercises immediately after the operation is not recommended because it may cause side effects such as bleeding, scarring, and so on, so you must completely stop exercising for a short period of time.

  • Do not bathe or come into contact with water.

Following the procedure, you must protect the surgical site and keep the head away from any friction in general. If you get itchy, you can take a shower, which is strictly forbidden for at least a week after the operation.

  • Drink alcohol

If you were unable to refrain from drinking alcohol after the hair transplant procedure, you may consume a small amount; however, you should avoid binge drinking because alcohol contains harmful substances that may cause bleeding in the head immediately following the procedure.

  • Sleeping incorrectly

The hair transplantation process does not only affect the head or the transplantation area, but it affects every part of the head, so you should pay attention to how you sleep, especially in the first few days after the procedure, and avoid overloading the head and choosing a suitable position for the pillow.

Is hair loss a sign of a hair transplant gone wrong?

Many people inquire about transplanted hair loss sometime after the procedure, but the answer varies depending on the time when the hair falls out.

However, if the hair begins to fall out after two months or more, this is normal and is considered a stage of new hair follicle growth.

How should I handle the failure of a hair transplant?

Some people may be unaware of what will happen to them during the stages of hair transplantation, which may lead to incorrect practices that may result in the process failing, in addition to being unaware of whether the result is correct or a failure.

Something that appears to be failure may occur, but in reality, it is a form of success in the process, such as the normal loss of transplanted hair at some point.

It is not recommended to intervene until a year after the operation, during which time it will be completely determined whether the operation failed or not, as well as the clarity of the entire picture. Once this is determined, what is known as the process of correcting the path or correcting the hair transplant process is performed, and it is a process that is not in the same form as it was previously. The standard transplantation procedure is followed, but it is a re-review of the procedure to ensure that the hair grows properly.

The hair transplant process necessitates accuracy and professionalism, so you should be familiar with the doctor who will perform the procedure for you, as well as their years of experience, as this plays a significant role in the operation’s success and ensuring that you get amazing results.

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