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Hair Transplantation For Women

Get rid of hair loss and baldness by performing a hair transplant without shaving in Turkey

hair transplant for women

Many women experience hair loss due to genetic or postpartum factors as well as psychological factors.

EstePol Hair offers the best hair transplant techniques for women without shaving head and without any traces or wounds.

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EstePol Hair clinic

What is the best hair transplant
technique for women?

There are many hair transplant techniques for women, but the best techniques that have proven to give satisfactory results are the DHI and FUE techniques.
It is considered one of the best hair transplant methods for women because it depends on opening the channels and transplanting the follicles without creating an incision or scar, thus keeping the aesthetic appearance of women.

EstePol Hair clinic

4 steps to hair transplant for women

DHI hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is done by using the DHI technique to give high intensity and 100% guaranteed results.


Maintain follicles

After extracting the follicles, they will need nutrition, so EstePol doctors put them directly in a biotin-rich solution to maintain their health and prepare them for hair transplantation.


FUE (Follicles Unit Extraction)

EstePol doctors extract hair follicles without causing any scar or incision, usually back of the head is the donor area.


Hair Preview

EstePol doctors will examine your hair condition. Just by sending a picture of you to the the center, the doctors will see the possibility of hair transplantation and decide on the technique used.


EstePol Hair clinic

Hair transplant advantages
in EstePol Hair

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