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What is hair transplantation?

It is a cosmetic procedure that aims to transfer hair from areas that contain thick hair, such as the back of the scalp, to areas that suffer from less density or baldness.

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Unshaven Hair transplant:

In recent years, the main problem of hair transplant operations was shaving the head. Whether shaving the donor area for hair follicles or the recipient site for these follicles. Where a person wishing to transplant hair will not be able to practice his usual daily life quickly. From this point hair transplant without shaving was developed.

Who are able to have a hair transplant without shaving?

  • Who suffer from a disease that affects the hair follicles, such as lupus erythematosus.
  • A patient who undergoes specialized medical treatment to treat hair loss or weakness for a whole year without having a satisfactory result.
  • The patient suffers from hair loss in a way that affects their aesthetic appearance and mental health.
  • Having an appropriate amount of donor’s hair to fit the area affected by hair loss.
  • The patient must be over 25 years old.
  • The hair follicles to be transferred should not exceed 3000 bulbs.

EstePol Hair clinic

Unshaven Hair transplant

Hair transplantation without shaving

This method is done in case the patient’s hair is weak, especially the frontal area of ​​the scalp, and the amount of follicles transferred is about 1000 or less. Hair transplantation is done by using a specialized rotary device to extract the hair follicle from the roots while preserving the hair.

Hair transplantation after partial shaving (simple)

It is called linear shaving, and it is used for people with long hair who need to transplant a small number of follicles, about 2,800 hair follicles or less. A small part of the hair at the back of the scalp is shaved in the form of a straight line or square to extract the hair follicles to be transplanted in the area affected by hair loss.

The duration of the unshaven hair transplant operation

The operation does not take long time, and it depends on the number of extracted follicles, the process may take 4 – 5 hours, and the number of hours that hair transplantation takes is determined after a hair examination is performed by the doctor.

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