Le ultime tecniche di trapianto di capelli
in Turchia.

Trapianto di capelli DHI

Il metodo più recente di trapianto di capelli in Turchia con l’utilizzo della penna Choi

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Trattamento Laser per la caduta dei capelli

Aumenta la forza e lo spessore dei tuoi capelli con il trattamento laser per la caduta dei capelli.

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Trapianto di Capelli senza rasatura

Hair transplantation without cutting and shaving hair. The hair is examined before the operation and the donor area is determined where the follicles will be picked.

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Trapianto di Barba e Baffi

Beard and mustache hair transplantation using DHI and FUE techniques.

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Il Trapianto di capelli femminile

A special hair transplant techniques for women with no need for haircuts.

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Trapianto di Capelli Fue Zaffiro

It is done by opening micro-channels using needles with a fine tip that are made of sapphire, which is a precious metal.

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Trapianto Capelli Afro

The process of hair transplantation for dark skin people is more difficult because the quality of the follicles of them is more accurate and the hair is at a higher level.

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Trapianto di capelli FUE

Individual hair follicles are taken from the donor area and transferring them to receiving area where there is light or no hair. Micro-pricks are used to extract and transfer individual follicles, without leaving any picking marks.

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Il Trapianto di capelli per pazienti HIV

Being HIV positive does not exclude you from having a hair transplant in Istanbul

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Analisi gratuita dei capelli

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