The Differences Between Choi Pen and Sapphire in Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation may be used as a cosmetic procedure to treat conditions such as hereditary baldness or scalp voids, thick hair loss, and alopecia, and if you are interested in hair transplantation, then you have probably started researching between different techniques to find out the pros and cons of each, in addition to the cost and the best centers you can go to.

In this article we will talk about the two most famous techniques of hair transplantation that are considered the best techniques in this field, namely:

What is hair transplantation in general?

Hair transplantation is classified as cosmetic surgery. It is generally done by taking hair follicles from an area in the body that contains a dense amount of hair. This area is called the donor area and transferred to the areas to be transplanted that do not contain hair or suffer from heavy hair loss in the region. The crown area or the frontal part of the scalp is called the receiving area.

How did hair transplantation start?

The first hair transplantation operation was performed in 1975 in America by Dr. Norman Orient Rich, one of the most skilled dermatologists at New York University, and with the advancement of medicine and the many experiments conducted by specialists over the years, different techniques for hair transplantation began to appear, beginning with the FUE technique, which is the foundation for a number of newer techniques.

It is the process of picking natural hair follicles and then transplanting them into empty areas. There is no need to cause an incision or head surgery in this operation. But its defect is the limited number of follicles that can be extracted from the donor area.

This prompted the hair transplant specialist to search for techniques to complete and help this method, and from here the Sapphire technique and Choi pens appeared.

We will go over each technology in detail before allowing you to make a decision based on the specifics of your situation.

Hair transplantation using Choi-pens:

Hair transplantation using Choi-pens

This technique is one of the latest techniques used in hair transplantation and has been considered a revolution in this field for the speed and ease provided during the procedure in addition to the amazing results and natural appearance of the transplanted hair.

The DHI technique, which is an acronym for Direct Hair Implantation, which means direct hair transplantation, is, as previously stated, a modification and development of the FUE technique in which the surgeon manually opens the channels in the scalp with a fine scalpel before implanting the hair follicles in the desired location. Choi pens are used for this task in the modern DHI technique because they are a specialized tool that can open channels and cultivate at the same time with ease and accuracy. These pens are designed in the shape of a plastic pen with a hollow metal needle on one end.

The hair follicles are extracted using a Choi Pen from the donor area, which is usually at the back of the head and then transplanted into the receiving area that suffers from baldness or hair loss.

Advantages of hair transplantation using Choi pens:

Advantages of hair transplantation using Choi pens

  • One of the most important features of the Choi pen is its speed in separating and planting follicles, which extends the life of the implanted follicle.
  • Ensure that the taken hair follicles are not exposed to weather and germs, thus ensuring that the follicles are strong, healthy, and naturally growing.
  • Local anesthesia ensures patient comfort and avoids feeling any pain, no matter how slight it may be. 
  • This technique is optimal for diabetics, there is no need to use the surgical scalpel in the transplant, thus ensuring that there is no bleeding during the transplant.
  • This technique does not require a long recovery period, as it does not exceed a week.
  • Hair transplantation can be done with Choi pens without the need to shave the head.
  • Compared to other transplant techniques, the cost of hair transplantation with the technique of Choi pens is relatively low.
  • By using Choi pens, it is possible to transplant hair not only on the scalp but also on the face, mustache, and eyebrows.
  • Natural hair appearance and amazing results.

What to do after DHI hair transplantation: 

Because the scalp needs to recover after a hair transplant, we recommend that you follow the following tips to achieve the best results:

  • For about a month, refrain from cutting your hair.
  • For the next 2-3 days, avoid getting water on your hair.
  • Avoid saunas and steam baths.

Hair transplantation with the Sapphire technique

The sapphire stone used in this technique is considered among the most valuable gemstones, which is characterized by its sharpness and its ability to open cultivation channels with high accuracy.  It also prevents infection and inflammation in the planting area.

Many doctors prefer this method, as the success of the operation and obtaining the best results depend in the first place on opening the channels, and the sapphire pens are considered one of the most accurate tools used at this stage since the size of the sapphire pen tip is 1.3 mm.

At first, the doctor extracts hair follicles from the donor area and then puts them in a nourishing liquid made specially to preserve them, which is biotin.

Using a Sapphire pen, the doctor starts to open the channels, which may reach 45 per centimeter.  And most importantly, the doctor can control the direction of the transplanted hair through the way he opens the channel, which gives a natural appearance to the hair, in these channels, the pre-extracted follicles are implanted using forceps. 

The operation takes place in one session and may last from five to six hours.

Advantages of hair transplantation using the Sapphire technique:

  • Thanks to the use of Sapphire Stone it is observed that no kind of allergies or infections has occurred in patients as happens with metals. 
  • The speed of opening the channels helps reduce the time of the operation.
  • Accuracy in controlling the direction of the channels, which gives a natural appearance of hair.
  • Speed in healing channels after the operation.
  • There is no bleeding during the operation due to the lack of use of the scalpel.
  • Very suitable for people with a receding hairline.
  • Transplant a large number of follicles in one session.
  • The speed of the fusion of open channels after the operation may reach up to three hours.

Despite the similarity in a basic way, there are many differences such as the tool used in each of them, as the sapphire tool is made of precious sapphire stone, which helps to heal the transplanted area faster, while the Choi pen is a plastic pen with a hollow metal head to do the operation faster. 

Also in the sapphire technique, approximately 5500 follicles are transplanted per session while by using Choi pens the maximum number is 3000 follicles per session.

The difference that some may find great advantages in Choi pens is that the hair transplantation process can be performed without the need to shave the head, whereas the Sapphire technique requires that the hair be completely shaved before the operation.

However, regardless of which way you prefer, the operation must be performed by an experienced and professional doctor. We guarantee the best results at Estapol Hair Center because we have the best medical staff in Turkey, as well as the certificate of obtaining the title of the best hair transplantation center in Istanbul for three years. Years.

If you are still confused and can’t decide which hair transplant technique is better for you? We are here to help you.

EstePol Hair Center offers you a free consultation from the best medical specialists. We are ready to answer all your inquiries, contact us.




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